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About Arun Engineering


ARUN ENGINEERING WORKS is synonymous with crankshaft manufacturing excellence. In the last 50 years or so we have processed more than 10 million crankshafts. With a production area extending over 4 acre , we employ the latest manufacturing technology and our outstanding expertise to make the most critical crankshafts. ARUN ENGINEERING WORKS is a company which has acquired a prominent position in the world market.

ARUN ENGINEERING WORKS is the leading independent supplier of large crankshafts with lengths of between 6" to 9 ft. Our crankshafts are ship to assemble products machined in our own crankshaft production facilities which are developed by the machining division. The basis for our success thus lies in both the manufacture of crankshafts and our 50 years of skill and experience.

Arun Engineering Works has developed various crankshaft for major Principals of different automobile segment like tractor, trucks, Gas Compressors , Air compressors, diesel engines and industrial crankshaft. We have developed almost all types of crankshafts from 6 inches to 9 feet with single cylinder to multi cylinder crankshafts in Forged steel and S. G. iron material and open Steel Bar. AEW is OEM supplier and crankshaft developer.

Creative : To minimize project costs, the company maximizes the use of available equipment or tooling on hand or in the market to fit the needs of the customer, With greater control over the supply and quality, our customers find that Arun Engineering Works to be their first priority crankshaft supplier.

Motto :To Manufacture the best possible crankshaft, using only the highest quality material for our customers performance needs, with great service at a fair price and continued dedication in finding new ways to improve our current production to give our customers the mark of ON TIME DELIVERY.

Our History

Crankshaft manufacturing was established and started by Late Shri Bahurao.D.Kakatkar in the year 1958 at Fort Road, Belgaum. Later on due to huge successes in the field of crankshaft machining and demand, it was shifted to a spacious site at Udyambag Belgaum in a 4 Acre land with a large workshop consisting of Machines top of the lines ,like Landis Grinders. Crankshaft Grinders, Balancing Machines, Milling Machines, Radial drilling machines etc required for manufacturing of Crankshafts. As on toady we are the proud suppliers of finished crankshafts OEM to BEML, Atlas Copco India Ltd, Kirloskar Pneumatic Company, Francois Compressors India Ltd etc..