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Shri Bhaurao.D.Kakatkar.

In a small family was born Shri Bhaurao.D.Kakatkar on 28 March, 1924 in Belgaum. Due to difficulties encountered he had to give up education and enter as an apprentice in Automobile Workshop .Sooner he achieved proficiency in automobile repairs and after a period of time he started his own automobile repair shop under a tree. Due to his hard work and dedication his workshop gained fame and ARUN MOTOR WORKS came to existence .

Crankshaft were being imported in those days ,he thought why not get it manufacture in India and get it finished here ,hence he entered the field of finishing crankshafts. This is how in 1958 ARUN ENGINEERING WORKS was established in a spacious site in Udyambag. Today ARUN ENGINEERING has gained all the fame of being one of its kind in specialized crankshafts processing. This unit today processes cranks from 1 pin to 12 pin and has mastered skill in manufacturing cranks from Iron Bar .

Quality castings was always a problem in the market and Bhaurao wanted to capture this market .In 1967 the Established his own Arun Foundries and Fabrication.

This completed his desire to get the best of the products in casting. Quickly this division too got good orders from the Agriculture Automotive market.

A part from employing workers in his workshop, he provided work to scores of small workshop owners who together employed another huge workers in their shops, hence again completing the social responsibilities towards the society.

Bhaurao soon felt that he must develop his own products and started manufacturing Hydraulic Trolley Jacks, Hydraulic Presses, Arbor Presses and Pillar Drilling machines. Today ARUN ENGINEERING not only caters to the need of the domestic market but also exports the products.

Education was always a fascination to him so he took very keen interest in the establishment of the Bhaurao Kakatkar College of Commerce at Club Road Belgaum.

Shri Arunrao B. Kakatkar.

Shri Arunrao.Bhaurao.Kakatkar was born on 22 June 1947 at Belgaum. A college going student had to give up everything and come to fill the void created by the sudden passing away of the Industrial Legend Shri Bhaurao Kakatkar on 2-9-1968 .A huge burden of responsibility fell upon him in a very tender age. Being a worthy son of an illustrious father he soon handled the affairs very efficiently and like his father took great fascination in all the ventures. It was due to his constant efforts that ARUN ENGINEERING WORKS came on the face of the global Industrial market and today is one of the pioneers in crankshaft manufacturing industry.

Perfectness in anything undertaken is goal Shri Arunrao.B.Kakatkar which can be witnessed in his systematic laying out Plan of the New factory premises' at Udyambag Belgaum. He travelled all over the world to see the developments in the field of Industries and the scientific methods that they had adopted towards upgrading to huge production. He with his excellent & well experienced team from all fields developed many models crankshafts and were supplied to Escorts, Hindustan Motors, Kirloskar Cummins India, Bharat Forge, Mahindra & Mahindra etc.

In 1974 Shri Arunrao Kakatkar started RAMESH HYDROMACHS, build in a new location in Industrial Estate to completely look after the Export market.

On the way to fame and huge expansion in the business ,he never forgot this responsibilities towards the society .Shri Arunrao B Kakatkar took up a new venture and took a big leap into the entertainment business and laid the foundation to build the most luxurious and biggest Theatre in North Karnataka and this is how the land mark of Belgaum was built ARUN THEATRE .Beautifully constructed on the spacious and airy of the Congress Road comes up. Artistry merged with scientific methods ever seen in that era is what one can describe about this magnificent Theatre.